Medical Marketing Consultant

I specialize in helping early stage companies and inventors bring new technologies and medical devices to market. Based in the Tampa Bay area but working with companies nationwide. My understanding of medical marketing includes working with physicians marketing their practices.

Medical Devices, Implants, and Instruments

Introducing new technologies and medical devices is the cornerstone of my medical marketing career. My track record covers medical devices including surgical implants and instruments, over the counter products, in office equipment, plus pharmaceuticals. I have trained and managed over 500 sales reps from inside to direct field reps to manufacturers reps.

Medical Products Management

My experience in smaller firms and start-ups exposed me to all facets of running a device company. I developed better packaging for a surgical implant; created an efficient production planning system; and spearheaded adapting a device to meet the market direction. I developed all the sales and marketing systems plus international distribution at a start-up that lead to $35 million in sales after four years and the number three position of 20 companies. In my career, I have hired, trained, and managed over 500 sales people including inside sales, direct field reports, and manufacturer’s reps.

Medical Marketing Services

  • Virtual Marketing Director
  • Virtual Sales Manager
  • Strategic and Marketing Planning
  • Customer Interviews and Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis

Marketing Implementation

  • Email Campaigns and Training
  • Local Directory SEO and Medical Internet Marketing
  • Direct Mail Medical Marketing and Training
  • Trade Show Management
  • Customer Service Development
  • In House Call Center

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